Start an Instagram Profile for your Pet in 7 Easy Steps

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Instagram is full of pets. No really, I mean it! Doesn’t it seem like everyone today is jumping on the bandwagon and creating an Instagram account for their pets? What’s the allure? What’s the purpose? Well above all sharing pics of your pet is FUN! Who doesn’t like to stumbling upon a cute pet pic in their Instagram feed?! Those MONSTERS!

But equally key in guiding pet parent’s decisions to start an Instagram profile for their pets is the potential financial profit that can be gained by transforming your pet into an online influencer.

Step 1: Pick a Unique username

Before opening the app and creating an account you’re going to want to brainstorm and come up with a fun, catchy and unique username for your pet. The most famous pet influencers on the platform have wildly creative usernames! This is no time for names like “cuti33pi3_09876” Who remembers strings of numbers, or words that have numbers in the place of letters? Basically nobody. It’s absolutely essential to keep in mind the purpose of your pet’s username on Instagram, specifically if your ultimate goal is to turn your pet into an online celebrity. And that is that your pet’s username should be MEMORABLE! Your followers will turn into your pet’s fans only if they can easily find your pet on Instagram and if your pet’s profile username is easy to find and remember!

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Step 2: Install Instagram and Create an Account

Instagram is a mobile app. So in order to start using the platform for your pet you’re going to need to install the app on your smartphone or tablet. Search for Instagram wherever you can download apps to your device.

Since you’re creating an account for your pet, when you open the app resist the urge to login with Facebook. That will only prompt you to create an account for yourself or link your personal existing account with your Facebook account. So instead go ahead and hit “Sign up” and enter an email address. If you’re serious about using your pet’s profile to turn them into a social influencer sign up using an email account specifically for your pet. For example my dog Maddie’s Instagram profile is registered to her email address which is her Instagram username at gmail.

Step 3: Write a Bio

First impressions count for a lot on Instagram, and that rings true for human and pet profiles alike. Click To Tweet

The bottom line is like your pet’s username, your pet’s Instagram bio and profile pic should also be unique and captivating in order to attract and keep followers.

Think of your pet like a person. It wasn’t hard for me to do because my pups are my world,but I digress…However, thinking of your pet as a person will help you build a more fun and fuller picture of who your pet is and how they should be portrayed on social media. Your pet’s Instagram bio should reveal aspects of your pet’s personality and traits. Is your pet young? Try using words like: bright, vibrant, playful, and silly to highlight their immaturity. This will help your pet appear more endearing! Similarly if your pet is older try words like: smart, wise, sophisticated, and happy. However, we all know that pet that no matter how old they become they’re always acting silly and much younger than their age. So let your pet’s followers know that! There’s a reason everybody loves pics of big dogs who still think their puppies! That’s because they’re super relate-able and not to mention adorable goofs! Share your pet’s personality in their bio to let your pet’s followers know more about who your pet is!

Step 4: Choose or Take a Profile Pic

A picture is worth a thousand words, and I would argue that that statement has never been truer especially on Instagram. Instagram is a social media platform that predominantly serves as a channel to share visual stories, and therefore in order to have an awesome profile your pet’s Instagram profile will need a great profile pic. Try to select a photo you already have of your pet, or take a new pic. Ideally, your pic should only feature your pet, clearly and in the center because Instagram profile pics are circle shaped. Use or take a pic of your pet with a simple background that contrasts against the colour of your pet. I’m sure that pic of your white dog playing in the snow is gorgeous, but if potential followers can’t make out that it’s a dog in pic then that profile pic isn’t going to work. Take the time to resize, crop, edit colours, or rotate a pic that will support your pet’s bio as a stand out profile pic!

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Step 5: Establish your aesthetic

If I were to single out a single step that is most often overlooked by new pet parent’s creating an Instagram for their pet’s it’s creating and establishing an aesthetic. This means determining what you would like the overall mood of your pet’s profile to convey. Is it bright and cheery, minimalist and light, or dark and grungy? There are so many options available to you! Just be sure that your aesthetic falls in line with the personality you communicated in your pet’s bio. It’s key to provide your followers with consistency in the mood you demonstrate through pics and videos as well as the tone of your captions and bio.

Step 6: Develop a basic content plan

While some may argue that this step isn’t necessary. I would argue that next to creating your aesthetic developing a basic content plan is one of the most valuable things you can do when first starting an Instagram profile for your pet. This is because one of the main things that trips pet parent’s up and separates the star pets and all the other pets on Instagram is the constant stream of great content that resonates with viewers time and time again. How do those star pet parents do it?! Well it all comes down to planning content ahead of time. If you would like to start taking your pet’s Instagram profile more seriously and are even considering making their profile profitable you’ll need to keep a content planner. In that planner you’ll keep notes on what post topics, draft captions, and keep track of hashtags.

Step7: Decide on a Posting Schedule

Just as important as coming up with a basic content plan is deciding on a schedule for when you’re going to post on your pet’s social media profiles! Every platform is different, and in fact every audience is different! This means that in order to devise the best posting schedule you should only keep in mind your own life and daily schedule, but test out different posting times to find out when your audience is most likely to see and engage with whatever you’re posting on your pet’s profile. Ultimately, you’re going to want to post everyday on each platform at least once.

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