What Everyone Ought to Know about Social Petworking

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What is it that drives us to want to take countless pics of our pets?! Who knows, but to date there are over 15 million Instagram posts tagged #petsofinstagram, so you’re definitely not alone in your quest to take and share pics of your pet!

This phenomena of  pet parents snapping pics of their pets to share on social networks like Instagram and Facebook is known as ‘social petworking’ and more and more social petworking is becoming just a regular part of life on social media. Not quite up to date on the lingo and want to know what exactly social petworking is?!

Do you manage a social media profile for your pet? Not posting pics of your pet on your own social media profile, but actually edit, caption and post content of your pet to a Facebook page, Instagram profile, or Snapchat account? Well it turns out you are certainly not alone. Social Petworking is the sharing of images, videos and other types of media on social media of your pet. For some pet parents sharing media featuring their pet’s can transform their pet’s into social media stars and result in sponsorships that give pet parents the chance to monetize or make a profit from their pet’s online profiles.

However there are a few things that you should know if you’re thinking about joining the wave pet parents managing social media profiles for their pets and making a profit from social petworking.

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Do I have enough time to commit to social petworking?

The first thing I believe every pet parent should know before jumping into the world of social media for their pet is that if it’s genuinely something that you would like to try you’re going to have to understand that it’s a time commitment! Now, I’m not talking a full time job sort of commitment although I’m sure if you wanted to you could take it all the way and make it a full time gig. But I digress, the truth is you’ll only need somewhere between 15 minutes to a couple of hours a week to make your pet a success in the world of social petworking!

What are some of the tasks that require your time?

Taking pics or videos of your pet, planning photoshoots or shots of your pet, engaging your fans on your pet’s social profiles by replying to comments and liking what others post, writing captions for the content you’re posting, editing images or videos, scheduling posts, and planning unique promotions or post series. All of this sound a little overwhelming? It doesn’t have to. That’s because right now membership at Celebrity Pet Pack is 30% OFF (but only for a limited time – To December 2017). Join now to take advantage of the discount and get notified when your Pack Dashboard is ready to access! Learn the creative, social media and marketing skills to help you build profitable social media profiles for you pet, and connect with other pet parents who are on the same journey as you!

What is engagement?

It’s one of those common terms thrown around nowadays, engagement, but what exactly is it? Well when managing a social media account while creating content to post is super important, equally important is building and then maintaining popularity by engaging with your audience daily. Engagement entails liking and commenting on the content that is posted by your fans, and also consists of regularly replying to comments on the profiles you manage. Think of engagement as that thing you ACTIVELY do everyday to keep the conversations going on your pet’s social media profiles, as well as keep your content fresh and visible in the social feeds of your followers.

Do I have the skills to build my pet’s social media profiles?

Social petworking requires specific skills that will take time to hone. These skills include: creative skills for taking photos and video as well as editing and designing graphics to post; social media skills for growing a following; and marketing skills for monetizing your social profiles.

Don’t think you’ve got all of these skills in your tool belt?

That’s OK, because social media is always evolving and the skills you need are constantly changing. Typically pet parents who are interested in making a serious go of turing their pets into social media celebrities do a lot of research on methods and techniques, or they look to what other pet parents are doing on social media to get ideas for campaigns, posts, and creative styles. It’s all good to be inspired by what you find, just keep in mind it’s not cool to copy what another pet parent is doing on their pet’s profiles. The whole point here is to be uniquely creative and experiment with new ideas!

What do you think about social petworking? Are you ready to create a social media profile for their pets.

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