Dog Photo Ideas that are Pure Genius

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Taking great pics of our pups can be challenging, and there are a million and one tricks that we develop to get them to sit calmly or to focus their attention at the camera. I understand I’m right there with you, but not too long ago I began to wonder if there were sort of set poses or photo ideas that I could call upon when I needed to capture a specific type of picture of Maddie. Rather than being spontaneous and just capturing a pic of her doing any old thing, I decided to come up with a repertoire of photo ideas to call on. Queue Pinterest. I am obsessed with Pinterest whether it’s for a good cookie recipe, or seasonal fashion trends, Pinterest and I are best buds. But when it comes to finding pet photo inspiration there is really no other place to find ideas!

To view some of my favourite dog photo ideas, visit my Pinterest board below, and follow Celebrity Pet Pack on Pinterest for the latest pet photo inspiration!

Dog Photo Ideas that are Pure Genius | Read post on Celebrity Pet Pack
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