Why You Need to Start Treating Your Pet’s Instagram Like a Business

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If you feel like you’re struggling with growing your pet’s Instagram, you’re not alone!

It’s hard deciding what to post, making your pet’s feed consistent, and of course growing and retaining followers!

But FEAR NOT there’s a solution!

It’s called BRAND STRATEGY! And developing a brand strategy for your pet will provide you with a ‘blueprint‘ that can guide you in making decisions about what to post, whether or not what you’re posting is consistent with your established style and it can even help you keep your followers engaged and bring in new followers!

The first step to developing a brand strategy for your pet is first to understand that in order to make it as an influencer you’ll need to develop an unique online identity for your pet.

This is their BRAND, and it’s through the process called branding that you’ll develop all of the various pieces that come together to form their brand!

Why You Need to Start Treating Your Pet's Instagram Like a Business

Establishing a brand for your pet and adhering to a brand strategy makes creating content and engaging with followers easy, because as I mentioned your brand strategy acts like a ‘blueprint’ and outlines all of the necessary components to running a successful influencer page for your pet on Instagram.

I key part in this branding process is to remember that if you’re interested in monetizing your pet’s social media influence you’ll need to begin thinking of your pet’s Instagram page like a business. Once you can do that branding becomes much easier! Of course a business would want to convey specific ideas or stick to specific colour scheme. Businesses do this so that their audience can quickly identify them, this is a part of Brand Recognition!

There is so much that goes into branding that here at Celebrity Pet Pack we created a whole course on it! It’s called “Brand Blueprint,” and it’s the second course offering in our Instagram for Pet’s program!

Join the Pack now to begin learning! The pack is 100% FREE so you can begin learning how to monetize your pet’s Instagram page right now!

How exciting is that?!

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