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Leverage the Influence of the Petfluencers on Social Media!

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More and more brands are choosing pet influencers to promote their products and it’s no wonder because who doesn’t love seeing posts of cute pets!
Our pack is made up of pet influencers who are both talented and adorable, and we want to develop creative and innovative social media campaigns that will help you to launch your new product, raise brand awareness, engage customers, and drive sales.

Gaby Rodriguez

Celebrity Pet Pack

Founder…a.k.a. Pack Leader

Hi I'm Gaby Pack Leader here at Celebrity Pet Pack

What can Influencer Marketing do for your Business?

Launch your New Product

➤ Create interest for your product on social media

Gain meaningful reviews from pet influencers

Introduce your product to pet influencers’ fans through authentic stories

Spread the word about your new product via likes, comments and shares

Raise Brand Awareness

➤ Extend your brand’s influence by connecting with customers through the online voices of pet influencers they know and love

➤ Establish a connection with your ideal customer by approaching them through content that aligns with their lifestyle and tastes

Engage Customers

➤ Take advantage of the relationships pet influencers have established with their followers leading to more engagement for your brand

➤ Communicate brand messages and promotions that resonate with audiences and result in action (likes, comments, and shares)

Drive Sales

➤ Work with influencers who know how to inspire action in their fans

➤  Find and target customers based on location, demographics, and interests

➤  Market special offers, deals, and other promotions to boost online purchases

We make Influencer Marketing Easy!

Influencer Campaigns

We create and manage high-quality social media influencer campaigns that align with your business goals.

Our Design Studio

We design impactful videos, create captivating photos, and deliver engaging posts for your brand’s influencer campaigns.

Analytics & Insights

We measure your influencer campaign’s success and deliver insights so that you’ll know just how effective your influencer campaign has been, which helps you to make data driven business decisions.

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